Brooklyn Shoot {I}

Sunday, August 7, 2011

It was a beautiful sunny day when my brother and I visited Brooklyn last June. My brother Eric wanted me to take photos of him and we decided that NY city would be the perfect backdrop for a shoot. I thought this was such a great opportunity because I could have him take some pics of me as well... haha!

 My brother knows this side of Brooklyn pretty well, so we didn't stay on one specific area. We kept on moving from one location to the next, looking for interesting spots and pretty views.

I found this cute hat from H&M hanging from a fence. I feel bad for the person who left it behind, but it sure came out handy for me. At first, the wind was blowing my hair all over the place, so the hat was like heaven sent! It made my job so much easier and it kept the sun away from my face. It's like my little souvenir from NY, and I hardly took it off!

 I'm so happy I got to visit a part of  NYC that I've never been to before. And I can't complain about my photographer either. By the way, my brother took photography classes in school, so it is pretty sweet to see that he still has an eye for this thing. He did such a great job, thank you Eric! ♥

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  1. Hey Beauty...Just wanted to tell you, you still hold your label well (Beauty)...You look fantastic and it's nice to see NY again...


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