the walk... {i love NY }

Saturday, July 2, 2011

I had a great time when I visited Brooklyn this past Monday with my brother. We parked on Columbia Heights St, and I immediately fell in love with the area.
There's something enchanting about this place that I truly adore.
I wouldn't mind living here one day.


the city view

i love NY

retro love

o r a n g e

beautiful architecture 

I stole this picture of the girl on the right. Well not really, I had asked the photographers if it was ok for me to take a picture - they didn't mind - but I noticed that one of the crew people also took a picture of me... weird... but that's what I get for interfering.

mellow  y e l l o w


the walk

 Here's a moment happening in parallel while I was taking a picture of my brother. The couple was having their pictures taken as well. 


Here is the image on the left, cropped and edited in black and white.
It is natural to see photographers everywhere in this big old city.

street shot


  1. And it seems that NYC loves you. Beautiful shots.

  2. I love NY too!! All my friends here is Vegas tell me they want to go to NY and they want me to be their tour guide...Ok!!! Ha!
    Beautiful photos...

  3. New York...New dream!!!!
    I love your pictures...Compliments!!

  4. wow love your works!!!!! It's indeed a beautiful NYC :)


Thank you for your lovely comment ♥ !!

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