Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Go forth seeking adventure. 
Open your eyes, ears, your mind, your heart, your spirit 
and you'll find adventure everywhere.
~Wilferd A. Peterson

adventure {23/52}

This is one of those pictures I just kept on forgetting to edit. I took this photo early this year on a trip to Long Island. We just happened to pass by one of those year round fairs. And even though the car was in motion, I just couldn't let this moment pass me by... I zoomed in and caught this only one image... then I was very happy =)

Sweet Shot Day


  1. Wow, just amazing, I love the heart bokeh and the processing!

  2. What a gorgeous shot. Love the colors. Dreamy...

  3. I love this! Bokeh, colors, composition. The whole thing :)

  4. Just beautiful...I can see your love of photography all over it...I love photography, but mine don't look like yours....Ha!


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