Embraced by Autumn's colors

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

 So excited that I finally I got the chance to take out my camera this past weekend. The weather was lovely and the sun was shining bright all day. I didn't want to miss the chance to take pictures of the beautiful trees this year. So for me to do that, I had to get up very early. I was up by 8:30 am! Too early for me, but I survived... haha! There's nothing better in this world than sleeping in on weekends! Who agrees with me? 
Anyway, I've been waiting for this moment and here it was, the opportunity for me to go out there and just get in touch with the beauty of this season and capture it the way I wanted to.
    I always loved this time of the year 'cause it is amazing to see how nature transforms itself. As I get older, I appreciate it even more. Not only that, I feel blessed that I'm able to capture just a glimpse of what Autumn looks like in my side of the world. 

embraced by Autumn's colors

"Beautiful Autumn days... how much I love to be embraced by your colors and your grace" 
~Carmen G.

fall colors


bright yellows

autumn light

fenced leaves

Sweet Shot Day


  1. Beautiful, I love the quotations, you have chosen to match your pics, and the beautiful colours. The way you have chosen to shoot your pics is very special. Happy Tuesday, Nics

  2. Looks like a perfect way to spend your weekend to me!

  3. Amazing how the changing of the leaves still boggles my mind. It's so beautiful. I wish I lived closer to the sights of fall (not too many leaves changing in Florida). Great, great pictures.

  4. oHhh absolutely gorgeous!!!! I'm sad because the majority of the leaves have already been gone, I really love the Autumnal colours. Beautiful composition dear. Wish you a great weekend ahead

  5. ohh! tu otoño es maravilloso, me gusta mucho la riqueza de tonalidades que has captado.
    Feliz semana.
    No habia visto tu precioso comentario en el post de mi bebito. Mil gracias.


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