the rose garden

Friday, May 20, 2011

This is one of those places that I love to visit whenever I get the chance to. Every time I make it here it's like escaping somewhere far and the drive is only 15 minutes from home. I love it's peaceful atmosphere but the the heavenly and sweet fragrance of this beautiful and captivating place is what keeps me coming back.
My mom came with me for the first time the other day and she loved it. Just the feeling of being surrounded by so many gorgeous flowers makes any one's spirit sing with joy.


  1. beautiful snapshots of this garden! Love the storyboard for it too!

  2. Wow, just 15 minutes away...How lovely is that?! Beauty my friend, just beauty..The photos are so awesome, I can smell the flowers from here :)

  3. Totally jealous over here! That place is amazing. Your photos are beautiful as always =)


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