the bath {8/52}

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

the bath... {8/52}

Filled with natural delights
Oatmeal, honey and milk
And the sweet fragrance of chamomile
Candles for the mood and all I'm missing is you...

*in the bowl above*
 home made ingredients for a soft skin
that you may already have in your kitchen

In a blender, blend in the following ingredients:

separately ground 1-cup oatmeal in a blender
(set a side)

blend together the following ingredients:
 1/4 honeydew melon (sliced)
1-cup plain yogurt
1/4 quart cup honey
1-cup milk

pour blended ingredients in container
then pour in your bath

put ground oatmeal in a sachet bag
or use a clean sock like I did,
secure with a knot or tie with a string and place under running water
squeeze oatmeal from time to time

and last, I used
chamomile for a delicate soothing fragrance
I grabbed about 2 tablespoons and just sprinkled in the water

oh and don't forget the candles for great ambiance :)

*warning* you may not want to come out of the bath :p

Sweet Shot Day


  1. This is pretty. Love the soft colors and it sounds wonderful.


Thank you for your lovely comment ♥ !!

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