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Saturday, January 15, 2011

I woke up the other morning with the spectacular view of real lights. The morning sun was shining on the ice that was resting on the tree branches. It was so magical that it felt like Christmas once again. :)

This image is one of my winter favorites. I don't think I have ever seen this phenomenon before. I remember waking up from my bed around 7:45 and the sun was peeking through my window. I knew it was going to be icy and cold, because they had already announced it on the news. So, I got up... like a child on Christmas day. I don't think I headed towards the window, instead, I decided to grab my camera and change the prime lens to a zoom. I knew there was something out there waiting to be captured. I opened my window and it was magical! The sun was shining on all that ice that was resting on the tree branches. And of course, I couldn't let this moment pass me by. I had to shoot, LOL. My bedroom is on the second level of the house, these trees are way up high. I got lucky I was able to get the shot below. My zoom lens is not all that great, but I'm thankful that I have it. When I look through the view finder I see things differently, sometimes I wonder if this is the way God sees. :)

Last but not least. I would love to dedicate this image to my new friend Liza. I feel blessed that we crossed paths. I know for a fact that she was heaven sent. My life has turned a different direction because of her. She has no idea how much her presence healed me. And although we are far away from each other. I wish her the BEST of the BEST for her and her beautiful daughter.

Wishing you all who read this many blessings. And may you find joy in the small things in life. Big Hugs!

La otra mañana me desperté con este espectaculo de luces naturales. El sol de la mañana brillava en el hielo que reposaba sobre las ramas. Fué tan magico que se sentía como si fuera de nuevo
la Navidad. :)

The finished product:
+*S p a r k l e s*+

This is the before picture.

My editing steps using photoshop elements:
1st) I cropped the image as you can see.
2nd) "Auto" levels. I only do this if necessary, like if there is no white, gray or black in the picture. Or if the picture NEEDS to be color corrected. Otherwise I do it the right way by going to adjustment layer and clicking levels. 
3rd) I applied some Florabella Actions that I love using on most of my photos. But I also like to tweak them around and add something different if I have to.
4th) sharpen my images, and again there are actions that help you achieve this with just one click.

Sorry if this was a vague explanation, it's my first time trying to explain the steps about editing. Hopefully I'll get better in the future. If you have any questions, please ask me. ;)

                             another edited image...



  1. Wow - absolutely beautiful and I love your story behind it. Next week's theme is "good morning." I'm sure everyone could learn from you and we'd love to see your SOOC on Monday's link up.

  2. LOVE your edits! I would love to know what Florabella's you use because the tones are AWESOME!

  3. This is gorgeous! The bokeh looks like little golden coins! I love the shotand I love the edit!


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