my little pocahontas....

Monday, January 17, 2011

can you paint with all the colors of the wind?
(I know, cheesy right)lol.
Well, the reason behind the title is because my daughter was born around the time when the Disney movie of Pocahontas came out. So for her 2nd birthday, can you guess what her party theme was? That's right, Pocahontas! I sometimes called her (when she was a baby) my little Pocahontas because of her copper skin and beautiful soft hair. :)

Every time I look at this beautiful shot of my girl, for some reason I relate it to the movie character of Pocahontas. And the other thing I love that makes it look so interesting is that beautiful out of focus background. For this shot, it looks like we went somewhere far, but in reality we were at a nearby neighborhood with some pretty dry grass and a lovely pond.

Photo taken back in 1/23/10
my little pocahontas


  1. That is apsolutely beautiful! I like how your photo captures the serenity and beauty of your daughter.


Thank you for your lovely comment ♥ !!

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