Loving the Ocean (Vintage Inspired Photography)

Monday, August 2, 2010

I would like to start with a series of nautical & beachy photos. I love the ocean and I enjoyed it very much when I went sailing this past June. I wish I could do that more often... (sigh) maybe when I move closer to the water. :D
This sailboat photo was from my last trip to Puerto Rico.

No es igual sin ti...

The following photos took place in Esmerald Isle,NC.

fooled by curiosity
fooled by curiosity

I was walking by the shore when I spoted a shell with a white round object in it. I immediately picked it up and showed it to my hubby and I said: I can't believe I found a pearl!!! (something I longed to find since a child). Anyways, I started to take pictures of it before I disturbed it, because it was kind of stuck to the sand from inside the shell. So when I took a couple of shots of it, I decided to take it out and to my misfortune it was just a piece of round foam that got stuck inside the oyster lol.
I decided to take a shot with a different shell and this is the one I really like the most.
(Not the original shell I had found it in)

sailing away...


father & daughter
collecting seashells

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  1. Wow Carmen this is so the summer feelings in your pictures and the texture are very creative dear :-)


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